recap: viva las vegas

April, 1. We decided to spend the morning in the shopping malls and to visit the different hotels in the evening. First, we visited the Premium Outlets in the South, which was not the best idea, it looked a bit shabby and had a lot of shops I've never seen before. After spending about 2 unsuccessful hours there, we drove to the mall in the north which turned out to be just what we were looking for. Joe spent almost all his money at the American Apparel Outlet Store. In the afternoon we returned to our hotel. We wanted to take a nap for about an hour, but when I woke up, it was already 11.30 pm! We went to see the famous Bellagio and the Aria Resort & Casino, which is one of the newest. I then wanted to go somewhere, where we could have a view over the city, but it was already to late and everything was closed. So we just walked a litte bit on the Strip and returned back to our hotel.

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