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Zara Pumps. There are only 2 non-flats in my wardrobe and they are about 10 years old - I bought them for dancing school. Why? Well there seem to be several reasons for this:

- I like comfortable shoes and I never considered high heels to be in this category.

- My boyfriend says I'm not a high heels person. Hmmm I'm not sure how to interpret that!

- When I walk into shoe stores I somehow ignore shoes with heels, I'm just not trained to watch out for them.

- Because of my ignorance I don't see a lot of heels I really like....

However, today I bought these shoes from Zara (this was not a coincidence, I was particularly looking out for heels!). They are comfortable (well that's actually an assumption -  I was only wearing them yet for about 1 minute, when I tried them on) and their price of 40€ is unbeatable.

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