recap: los angeles and the stahl house

April, 04. Our day started with breakfast at Venice Beach, that we bought from a very cool place (check out the open structure of the walls in the photos). We then drove downtown, to visit Walt Disney Concert Hall. Next stop was Hollywood Blvd to see the Walk of Fame. After that, I wanted to take a picture of the Hollywood sign - a must see in Los Angeles. Somehow it was not so easy for us to find it. I tried to find directions with the help of the Lonely Planet, but I lost track of all the small streets. So we just drove up some hills until we catched a glimpse of it, but it was impossible to stop on this street. We parked the car a bit further and started to climb a very steep hill. When we got to the top we finally had a good view over the sign and we could also see the spot where you are supposed to take the pictures - you can get there by car and there is no need to climb anything :) After that we hurried to the Grove - a huge shopping centre, where we bought the sunglasses Joe wanted to buy since we landed in the US. We only had about twenty minutes to find the store, look for the glasses, buy them and run back to the car. The reason was our next visit: Stahl House (Case Study House #22). It was our highlight in LA and we had to be there at a specific time to get in. It is the most impressive house I have ever seen. Set high in the hills, it has a breath-taking view over the city. We spent there about two hours, admiring the house and its view, taking pictures while it got dark and the lights of Los Angeles started to shimmer. So amazing. Straight after the visit, we left Los Angeles and drove to Santa Barbara, where we met my parents. It was already late and we went straight to bed - probably dreaming of the Stahl House.


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