just in time

Today at 8 in the morning I got a short message from Joe that said, that there were some chairs outside my door that look quite nice and are probably for take away. I took a quick look out the window but I couldn't really see because I wasn't wearing my contacts. Living across from the theater for a few years and knowing that they are always moving their stuff around, I just thought they were changing their stage design. I was wrong, but I didn't know, I was asleep again. At nine the doorbell rang and I was up in about a second because I was expecting a parcel (I will show you later). After that, I was quite awake and after puting in my contacts, I took another look. This time I saw, that the things were really just to be thrown away. With my coat thrown over my pajamas (!) I stepped out on the street and asked the guys if I could take the chairs. They said I can take two of them, they needed the others to keep the space for the truck that was coming to pick the things up. I was happy with two. But as I was just collecting them, I heared a voice behind me. The truck just turned into the street and it was the driver's voice asking if I could take the other two chairs so he could park there :) so finally I got all four of them! Hehe.

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