refrigerator lovestory

meltdown. It happened this year, around my birthday, when our refrigerator decided to give up the ghost. The mean thing about it was - not only that it was in the middle of summer and I was craving for cold drinks and ice cream - that it worked again from time to time. We thought that it was because of the heat and since it was only 3 years old, that it would only be temporarily. It didn't work for a few days and then worked again just normally. This happened several times. Every time I thought it recovered, I bought a huge Ben&Jerrys Ice Cream, but next time when I opened the freezer all I found, was a melted something. Three times we had somebody over to repair it, they even exchanged the entire electronic system, but nothing helped. To make a long story short, after nearly 6 months - the last 2 we used the balcony as a replacement, since it was cold outside - we finally got a new refrigerator. I can't tell you how happy I am! To be able to open its door and find a cold carton of milk makes my day! So next time when you look at yours, just think of how it would be without it and don't take it for granted :)

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